MM2H is an international residency programme introduced by the Malaysian government which allows non-Malaysians to live in the country on renewable visa for long periods of up to 10 years. The programme is open to all citizens of countries recognised by Malaysia subject to compliance with approval criteria set by the Malaysian Immigration Department.


Backed by the federal government and offering a host of attractive privileges, MM2H has enjoyed remarkable success with over 28,000 people approved for the MM2H visa to date. The privileges enjoyed by applicants include:

  • 10 year Visa without Restrictions

Successful applicants will be granted a 10 year social visit pass with no minimum stay requirements and no restrictions on entry and exit from Malaysia.

  • Family Members Included

Participants may bring along their spouse, unmarried children below 21 years old as well as parents above 60 years old.

  • Property Purchase Rights

Participants are permitted to purchase residential properties priced RM 500,000 and above. Loan facilities with local banks are available subject to respective bank approval.

  • Tax Free Car Purchase

Each successful applicant is entitled to purchase one locally assembled car in Malaysia free of any taxes.

  • Access to Household Helper

Each sucessful applicant is allowed to apply for one household helper, subject to approval from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

  • Access to Education

Unmarried children aged below 21 years old may apply for a student pass to gain access to local education.

  • Freedom to Invest or Engage in Business Activities

Successful applicants may participate in the local shares or derivatives market or set-up or own business entities without restrictons.

Privileges or any approval criteria stated above are for reference purposes only and are subject to changes from time to time by the Malaysian government. To learn more about MM2H or if you would like to make a adirect inquiry, please logon to the official website at or contact one of MM2H’s registered agents.

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